Over a hundred schemes now completed.  Our clients now include numerous councils and construction companies, Highways Authorities, the Environment Agency, and Network Rail. Further details can be seen on our projects page...
This also includes being a finalist in the Innovation Category for Network Rail's Environment Awards.

Furthermore, our products have now been accepted for use by Network Rail, the Environment Agency for England and Wales, and SEPA.

We are also proud to announce that our scour protection system has been granted full patent status in the UK and a number of other countries.

Home PageEnviroForm manufacture and distribute a range of fabric formwork products for the insitu creation of concrete scour protection or the placement of concrete in and around watercourses.

EnviroForm's patented and patent pending formwork products have been designed to offer safer placement of concrete in and around water, whether fluvial or marine in nature, helping to safeguard the environment from cement contamination during construction. We achieve this by adopting a fully contained approach to our formwork products.

Our products can be provided on a supply-only basis, with full on-site backup and training, or fully installed through our partner organisations.

Whatever your requirements,email us at sales@enviroform.co.uk and we will be pleased to provide further details of our services and capabilities. Alternatively, please feel free to send us details of your scour or underpinning problem and our engineers will be happy to propose a range of priced options, for your consideration. more

This modular system of impermeable fabric formwork scour protection was developed between 2004 and 2007 by EnviroForm's lead designer. If you would like to know more about the history of the product, please click here...

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